Q. How should I wash my swimwear?

A. Unless the label says otherwise, always hand wash your swimwear with a mild detergent. If this is not possible, at a minimum you should rinse it with cool, clean water and hang it to drip dry. Never hang swimwear to dry in the sun – this can cause the color to fade and any elastic to break down. Even if your swimwear claims to be washer/dryer safe, it’s still better to hand wash to avoid premature fading and piling, and ties, clasps, embellishments and buttons are often damaged in a washer or dryer.

Q. Will the chlorine in pool water hurt my bikini?

A. Most swimwear is chlorine resistant and should last years with normal care. Always rinse or wash after each use in chlorinated water, and never leave your swimwear to dry in the sun.

Q. How should I store swimwear during the off-season?

A. Hang or pack it away indoors, away from moisture, sunlight and extreme temperatures. Air-tight storage can result in odors or mildew, so always provide some airflow.

Q. What’s the best swimsuit for my body type?

A. Please see our FITS page for help in choosing the best style for your figure.

Q. Should I match my bikini / swimwear colors to the seasons?

A. Sure! But no one is going to judge you for wearing a pink swimsuit in fall. It’s assumed most people shop for the summer season, and would wear the same in spring & fall as the weather allows. One exception would be a trip during winter to a tropical location – grab something new if you don’t already have the perfect suit.

Q. What’s the best bikini color for pale skin?

A. Darker colors –  especially blues, purples and maroons, are good choices, as is a darker brown.  Avoid blacks, whites, and bright colors.

Q. Is it safe to wear a bikini in most countries? Are there religious or government restrictions?

A. If you’re concerned, your best bet is to ask your travel agency. What’s considered appropriate can vary from beach to beach even within one city, let alone a country. A bikini might also be fine on the beach, and a no-no in town. You might try searching online for pictures of the location you’re visiting – you can often find pictures that will show exactly how people are dressed on and off the beach.

Q. Which is better – waxing or shaving the bikini area?

A. There is no easy answer here. Waxing is long lasting but can be painful. Shaving is quick and convenient, but razor burn and ingrown hairs can be a problem. Either way, we recommend you start at least a month before you’ll be suiting up – give your body time to adjust.  Don’t wait until the last minute!

Q. What’s the best top for a small bust?

Try a push-up / underwire top or padded bikini top. Stay away from one pieces and dull colors.

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