Spring Break 2013 Swimwear Styles

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Spring break 2013 is in full swing. This is one of the first opportunities to see if the early swimwear trends carry over from resorts and tropical beach towns to the mainstream American beach-goer.

Did the online experts and fashion mags get it right?

So far, the answer is yes. Lots of retro styles, bold colors and one pieces. And while bikinis are always very popular with the spring-breakers, this year’s trends seem to span all age groups. With summer still 3 months away, it will be interesting to see which new styles sell this spring and which end up on the clearance rack. Monokinis and bold colors are a safe bet for sure, but how will the retro suits and and heavily embellished look fare?

Would you seriously consider adding more than one new trendy style this spring, or will you wait to see what’s going strong come July?

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