What to wear on the beach in 2015?

Do you stick with the classic sexy bikini, or go for a super-cute tankini or swim dress? Nearly every style has its place, so it’s always a good idea to have a well-rounded collection. Here are a few of the major swimwear styles available today.


 A Bikini is any two-piece swimsuit, and there are many variants of this style. A Bandeau Top is a Bikini top that is one rectangular piece of fabric that covers the breasts. A Triangle Top is a bikini top that consists of 2 triangle pieces over the breasts that usually ties around the neck and around the back. A Halter Top ties around the neck and normally clasps on the back offering more coverage and support. A String Bikini is a Bikini that has strings on both side (they can tie or just be for looks). A Side Tie bottom ties on both sides of the hip. Boy Shorts offer a full coverage bottom and are great for sports at the beach! A Brazilian is a a skimpy teeny bikini that has little coverage and is cut very small on the butt. A Thong is a bikini bottom that leaves your rear exposed completely.


 The Tankini is a version of the very popular bikini. This type of swimsuit combines a tank top plus bottoms of your choice, making for a more modest swimsuit. The tankini is a great choice for those with long torsos or those who just do not want to bear all of their midriff. A Tankini also offers more support and comfort, which makes it a great choice for the water lover. Indecent exposures are definitely at a low with the Tankini.


 The Monokini is a one-piece swimsuit that typically has large cutouts on the sides and front with a bikini bottom. The top and bottom pieces are usually connected with some sort of design such as a section of fabric, mesh, chain..etc. Surprisingly, the original Monokini was designed as a topless swim suit in the 60’s, with cutouts for the breasts. Though no longer a topless design,, these are still very sexy suits!


 A One-Piece swimsuit is just that. It is one piece of fabric that covers the body, just like a leotard. A One-Piece swimsuit can come in various styles such as strapless, one shoulder, high cut, retro and so forth.


 A swim dress is a swimsuit designed to look more like a dress. Typically a one piece with a flared end resembling a skirt. A great choice for days when you’ll be in and out of water without the chance to change, or when you want something with a little more coverage than your typical swimsuit.