Safe Tanning

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Some facts on safe tanning in 2013. Let’s face it…we all love to look a little golden in the summer. We are thinking about how great we’ll look now with our sun-kissed skin and not what that skin will look like 20 years from now. The reality is that sun, over the years, can become our skin’s worst enemy. While soaking up lots of natural rays might be harmful, there are several alternative safe tanning options to discuss. Tanning lotions, airbrushing and spray tanning are all good alternatives. They provide short term results while sparing the damaging effects of UV radiation. Spray tanning is my favorite. It lasts long enough for your typical vacation, and when done right will not leave you with streaking or orange skin tones.

If you are anything like me, you LOVE being in the natural sun. I workout in it. I work under it. And I love it!! So my idea of how to safely tan may not eliminate all risks, but it is definitely helpful when trying to spend time in the sun without damaging your skin. First, do not go out one day and think you need to burn to a crisp to quickly get brown. Take it slow by using a TON of sunscreen which allows just the slightest amount of UV rays to get to you and provide a nice golden tan over time. Apply sunscreen every hour. This is key because after that hour you will be back in the “frying zone” as the old sunscreen starts to wear off. I like to use Neutrogena sunblock on my face since it is long lasting, sensitive and not greasy. I use Banana Boat sport on the rest of my body. Stays on through sweat or water and works well. Safe tanning is really about making sure you do not accumulate too many hours in the sun without sunblock on. And never, ever use an indoor

tanning bed.

All of your skin is equally important but I never step out into the sun without sunblock on my face, chest, shoulders and hands. These are not only the hardest areas hit by the sun when it comes to aging, they are also the thinnest areas of skin on your body making them an easy target for burn, sun spots and skin cancer. So be beautiful and be tan but be careful!

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